Why should you be living in a Davao Condominium NOW?

Davao City is a first class city in Mindanao. It is constantly described by its residents and media personnel (not all of course) as one of the safest cities in the Philippines. The city is the 87th fastest growing city in the world and declared as one of the “10 Asian Cities of the Future”. Why should you be living in a Davao condominium for sale now? Here are the facts!


1.Davao City is located outside the typhoon belt of the Philippines. It is not usually hit by a typhoon. This means more sunny days in your Davao condo living!

2.Raining during the day is so rare that you can enjoy the sunshine almost every day.

3.It is really close to nature. You can have lunch at the beach and spend the afternoon on Mount Apo, which is, just the highest mountain in the country, all on the same day! Yes, you can both enjoy the beach and hike the highest mountain in the country on the very same day. Then have a good night sleep in your Davao condo!

4.The city is large, but not as crowded like in Manila and Cebu. Davao City is the largest city in the world in terms of size, yet the population is small enough that you can drive on the roads smoothly with no traffic problems.

5.Because the city is big enough, people can easily, readily get western foods and other items that foreigners or expats would desire. This makes everyone’s life more comfortable, just like a tourist city lifestyle.


6.Looking for mountainous-cool weather? Living in a Davao condominium for sale has that option! Just an hour ride from the city and you are in Bukidnon, up in the coolness of the mountains. There are times in the year (past years) when it has been so cool in the Bukidnon’s mountains that there are ice particles on the road. How cool it is!

7.Like in Manila, you can enjoy many amenities in Davao City too, but the prices here are much lower. People can live here for about 1/3 of the price of the same lifestyle would cost in big cities like Manila or Cebu. Living in Davao condominium is so much affordable in every aspect.

8.Davao’s airport is one of the best in Asia. You can be anywhere in the Philippines in less than two hours, with an affordable flight from Davao International Airport.  Actually, flights from Davao to Manila are about six times a day (on 4 different airlines).

9.Life expectancy in Davao is the longest in the Philippines at 70. This may be due to efficient and effective medical services and programs. Also, it is good to note that Davao City has its own 911 Emergency Response Team

Are you convinced now to live in Davao City condominiums? What are your thoughts?


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