The Deal with High Performance Sunglasses

With the recent launch of the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines in 2019, sports is going to be a big part of our country next year.

So what kind of sunglasses for sale in the Philippines might see a boom as the year turns? Performance sunglasses.


Basically, performance sunglasses are eyewear engineered to improve the visual performance of an athlete. They are created with the athlete in mind, meaning that a pair of performance sunglasses might have slip-resistant modules, lightweight but durable components, unconventional lens shape, and other key features that make it function to aid the athlete visually.



Performance sunglasses are also commonly called sports sunglasses but they have other functions aside from just sports. High-performance sunglasses that have extra features are also used professionally by people who are constantly working outdoors, military personnel, and other specialists who are constantly exposed to extreme conditions like sunlight or high radiance brightness.


If you are planning on getting performance sunglasses for sale in the Philippines, you’d also need to know that one of their most defining features is the choice of tint that goes with them. Unlike regular sunglasses where you choose a tint that fits your style or matches your mood, with performance eyewear, you have to choose a tint that fits your purpose.


High-performance eyewear will usually have polycarbonate lenses because it’s very durable but at the same time lightweight. It’s a perfect material for active wear since it has a high-impact resistance. The tint color however will vary on what sports you play mostly. Grey lenses are good for general contrast so they are perfect for hikers and boaters to help them navigate through terrains. Rose tint also enhances contrast but highlights greens so golfers, field players (like baseball & soccer players), can use them. You can read more about different tint colors and their effects here.


Aside from these features, you can also have your performance eyewear be Anti-UV coated, polarized, anti-fog coated, and many more. It’s just a matter of what function best fits your sporty need so think about that the next time you consider buying sunglasses for sale in the Philippines.


New Brands Professional Makeup Artist Should Check Out in the Philippines

As a professional makeup artist in the Philippines, in order to be a cut above the rest, you have to be on the lookout for new makeup products and makeup trends. Doing so can give you ample time to assess whether or not it would be a worthy addition or just something to be skipped.

Now if you’ve been unaware about local brands, there are two that might’ve slipped under your radar as they have been released just recently: the Kris Life Kit and the Colourette X The Kings Collection.


Ever Bilena Kris Life Kit

First of the newest brands is the Kris Life Kit, Kris Aquino’s makeup line by Ever Bilena. Conceived in January, the new kit made its way to the market this June. Surprisingly, it’s affordable as nothing in the collection goes above Php300—a promising addition to makeup kits for a professional makeup artist in the Philippines.

The Kris Life Kit includes:

Two matte lipsticks (Kris Matte Matic Lipstick)

They come in crayon form for easy application and have two shades available for now, namely Love (blue-red)and Life (dusty rose). Each tube costs Php245.


Two brow liners paired with brow mascaras

(Kris Matte Brow Liner)

The liners are retractable and have thick and slim side for drawing realistic brows. It currently has two shades, namely Happy Taupe and Beyond Brown, both coupled with mascaras for only Php275.

The Ever Bilena Kris Life Kit is available at Watsons, Lazada, and Robinsons Department Stores, so grab one now.


Colourette X The Kings Collection

Making it just in time for Pride month is Joey Mead and Angie King’s collaboration with Colourette cosmetics: the Colourette X The Kings makeup line. The new collection consists of eight Velvet dualitints and two face gloss highlighters which are rather expensive, but you’re sure to get more for its price of Php499 –Php1299.

The Colourette X The Kings Collection includes:

4 Colourette Dualitints Swatches

These swatches are infused with argan oil and shea butter. Each shade has a net weight of 4 grams, and they can work alone or together. You can use it on your lips, cheeks or even as an eyeshadow.

All images seen below are from Colourette Cosmetics, and you can get all of these products straight from their website.

#1 Love and Light Colors: Deep blush and Petite Orchid

#2 Resting Beach Face and No Furs Given Color: Mauvelous and burnt sienna

#3 Supercharged and Race Wife Color: Tall poppy and Apple Blossom

#4 Morning After and Happy Hour Color: Tonys Pink and Cardinal


Two shades of Face Gloss Highlighters

These highlighters are infused with yeast beer extract to help in improving the skin’s texture. Both highlightersweigh 7 gramsand come with a free fan brush, and they can last up to 24 months of use.


Lightning Speed

With Kris Life Kit and Colourette x The Kings makeup line out in the market, it would only be a matter of time before professional makeup artists in the Philippines catch wind of these two makeup lines. Some might decide to test it out, or some might entirely skip it, although the Kris Life Kit might be a safer bet to test out because of the price.

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7 Fun Family Summer Activities to Do in Your House and Lot in Bacolod

It can be a bit overwhelming when you’re living in a city filled with wondrous summer getaways. With a wide array of tourist destinations, looking for an escapade with the family can be a tough decision. Don’t worry, if you haven’t decided on your summer escapade yet, here are 7 fun activities that will make you and your family beam in the “City of Smiles.”

Make ice cream sandwiches

Make ice cream sandwiches in your Bacolod house

What better way to beat the heat than this delicious treat? Ice cream is one of the most important food of the summer. It helps you cool down, it’s a yummy treat both for kids and adults, and it steams down hot heads. Ice cream sandwiches are not that hard to do. Bake some cookies (or brownies) then pair them off with the ice cream flavor of your choice. To make this even more delightful, top them off with sprinkles or M&M’s!


Have a backyard luau


Yes, you can turn your backyard into a tropical paradise. Create a lively, tropical atmosphere replete with festive colors. There’s nothing quite like a luau to enjoy everything that this sultry season brings: warm temperature, shakes and smoothies and an array of tropical food items that will help you celebrate the fleeting days of summer.


…or a backyard campfire

or a backyard campfire at your Bacolod House

A campfire is a great addition to your backyard. It’s an entertaining and cozy way to sit together, chat and enjoy roasted hotdogs or tasty s’mores under the stars.



Gardening Bacolod House

Here’s a way to adorn your home in Bacolod without having to spend a huge amount of money. All you need are recycled cans, paint and miniature plants. First, you have to get your kids creative with the used cans. Second, fill your cans with rocks (for drainage) and a small scoop of soil. The last step is to carefully add in the small plant and you can now have your very own mini garden.


Make homemade pizza

Make homemade pizza at your Bacolod House

One of the best feelings in the world is sharing a whole pan of warm pizza with your loved ones. Getting in the kitchen together, where everyone gets to pitch in their own pizza ideas is a simple but enjoyable way to get your kids busy this summer.


Create your own glamping site

Create your own glamping site at Bacolod

You don’t have to go too far to go glamping. You can now experience the great outdoors without having to spend thousands. Setting up those tents may be a tedious work but you can gather the kids to help you pitch them up. Just make sure to bring a bug zapper along.


Game Night

Game Night Bacolod House

There are a ton of board games that you and your family can engage in. Your fun night does not have to be that complicated. Just take out a board game like Monopoly and enjoy it while munching on your homemade pizza.

It’s good to break away from technology every once in a while. Engaging in these kinds of recreational activities with your kids is a cool and different way to have an unforgettable summer in your house and lot in Bacolod.

Your Ultimate Guide to an Exciting New Year Celebration in Cebu

There are several reasons why you should pack your bags and move into a house and lot in Cebu.  From the sprawling beaches and boundless career opportunities, spending the first day of the year in this wonderful province is something that you must experience. Here’s your guide to making the best out of your New Year:

Spend the day at Bantayan Island


Last July 2016, Cebu was hailed by a New York City-based magazine, as the 6th best island in the world. According to a reader of Travel + Leisure, “There is never a dull moment in Cebu. The island is perfect for travelers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on recreational activities.”

Bantayan Island, one of the most beautiful islands in Cebu, is an exceptional way to experience the New Year. Upon arrival, you will get struck by its powdery white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Located at the northern tip of Cebu, this picturesque spot is a breath of fresh air. You can either go by air, land or sea. There are direct flights from Manila and other parts of the Philippines to Cebu. The city is also accessible via ferry rides. Cebu can be reached by land thru bus rides going to Central Philippine Nautical Highway via RORO.


Feast on a gastronomic adventure that is Rico’s Lechon

(Facebook / Rico’s Lechon)

Cebu is known as the ‘Lechon Capital of the Philippines.’ Rico’s Lechon is a restaurant that pioneered the spicy flavored lechon throughout Cebu. The spicy hot roasted piece of heaven has been a blockbuster for tourists and residents. Rico’s has been serving delectable dishes around 13 years now.

Aside from the mouthwatering lechon, they also serve some appetizing scallop dishes, sinigang na hipon, beef with broccoli and desserts like mango oreo floats. The restaurant offers only the best Filipino cuisines with a Cebuano twist. It is located along Maria Luisa Road.


Take part in a cultural experience


The annual celebration of Sinulog Festival is in honor of Senyor Sto. Niño. It is a solemn but festive gathering at the same time. People shout “Viva Pit Señor” during the festivity. Pit means ‘sangpit’ which means to call upon while ‘senyor’ refers to the Holy Child Sto. Niño de Cebu. This year’s month-long celebration started from December 1, 2016 and concluded on January 31, 2017.

The Sinulog features a parade and a dance-prayer that expresses devotion to the holy child of Cebu. Those who attend the vibrant festival will witness a colorful cultural encounter of Cebu.

If you’re planning on a staycation in the province and if you’re taking part in the month-long celebration, it might be best to buy that house and lot in Cebu instead.


Witness its rich history


Speaking of house and lots in Cebu, one ancestral house turned museum is another must-see. Casa Gorordo Museum was the home of Juan Gorordo, the first Filipino bishop of Cebu. It was built in the 1850s.

What makes the house special is the display of old relics which reflect the lifestyle of the Filipino people during the Spanish era. Old furniture and paintings add to the museum’s antique vibe. The ancestral house is well-maintained which makes it more appealing.

A walk in the museum is like a journey thru Cebu’s history.

These are the reasons why Cebu is a great place to spend your New Year. t If you want a nonstop experience of everything, you know you have a great place to live in.

Why should you be living in a Davao Condominium NOW?

Davao City is a first class city in Mindanao. It is constantly described by its residents and media personnel (not all of course) as one of the safest cities in the Philippines. The city is the 87th fastest growing city in the world and declared as one of the “10 Asian Cities of the Future”. Why should you be living in a Davao condominium for sale now? Here are the facts!


1.Davao City is located outside the typhoon belt of the Philippines. It is not usually hit by a typhoon. This means more sunny days in your Davao condo living!

2.Raining during the day is so rare that you can enjoy the sunshine almost every day.

3.It is really close to nature. You can have lunch at the beach and spend the afternoon on Mount Apo, which is, just the highest mountain in the country, all on the same day! Yes, you can both enjoy the beach and hike the highest mountain in the country on the very same day. Then have a good night sleep in your Davao condo!

4.The city is large, but not as crowded like in Manila and Cebu. Davao City is the largest city in the world in terms of size, yet the population is small enough that you can drive on the roads smoothly with no traffic problems.

5.Because the city is big enough, people can easily, readily get western foods and other items that foreigners or expats would desire. This makes everyone’s life more comfortable, just like a tourist city lifestyle.


6.Looking for mountainous-cool weather? Living in a Davao condominium for sale has that option! Just an hour ride from the city and you are in Bukidnon, up in the coolness of the mountains. There are times in the year (past years) when it has been so cool in the Bukidnon’s mountains that there are ice particles on the road. How cool it is!

7.Like in Manila, you can enjoy many amenities in Davao City too, but the prices here are much lower. People can live here for about 1/3 of the price of the same lifestyle would cost in big cities like Manila or Cebu. Living in Davao condominium is so much affordable in every aspect.

8.Davao’s airport is one of the best in Asia. You can be anywhere in the Philippines in less than two hours, with an affordable flight from Davao International Airport.  Actually, flights from Davao to Manila are about six times a day (on 4 different airlines).

9.Life expectancy in Davao is the longest in the Philippines at 70. This may be due to efficient and effective medical services and programs. Also, it is good to note that Davao City has its own 911 Emergency Response Team

Are you convinced now to live in Davao City condominiums? What are your thoughts?