5 Must-Ask Questions When Choosing a Home Health Care Provider in the Philippines

Must-Ask Questions When Choosing a Home Health Care Provider in the Philippines

There is a myriad of reasons why you should invest in home health care. Home care supports activities of daily living (ADLs), diet & nutrition, medication management, caring companionship, one-on-one focus and support, and it’s an affordable alternative to facility or hospital care.

When choosing among a variety of providers, always ask these first:

Q: How long has the agency been in business? 

First things first: you need an agency that’s been around the market for a long time. Health is not something to be taken lightly. Ask them how long they’ve been providing home care services. In addition to this, make sure that the agency is certified and licensed by the state.

Q: What kind of services do the agency provide?

Do they offer the services that the patient needs? Does the patient need physical therapy? Speech-language pathology services? Blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing monitoring? Make a list of all the services that the patient needs and coordinate them well with your chosen home health care provider here in the Philippines.

Q: What is the cost of their services?

Home health care cost is varied. It depends on the type of care, the place provided, and the region where you receive your care.

Also, does the agency offer discounts or free service to people with limited means? Do they provide a summary of benefits explaining all of the costs and payment plan options? These vital details are some of the reasons that make or break your choosing decision.

Q: How do they select and train their home care employees?

Always, always do a background check especially when it comes to credentials. Putting your loved ones’ life into the hands of another person can be scary. Determine whether the agency’s staff undergo a thorough, professional testing and screening process. The patient and family members should discuss the kind of care needed with a home care representative. This will help you decide whether the agency’s staff can meet the patient’s needs.

Q: How do they handle emergencies?

Are their home care providers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Not all agencies can provide this kind of service so better start with this if the patient’s condition is emergency-sensitive.

Inquire about how they follow up on and resolve problems. This helps ensure that the home health service provider is performing the services correctly and responding to the patient’s changing needs.


The most important thing to do before you settle on a home health care provider here in the Philippines is to check their reference. Request for a list of references like PCPs (Primary Care Physicians) who are affiliated with the service provider. Don’t forget to ask for feedbacks!


Your Ultimate Guide to an Exciting New Year Celebration in Cebu

There are several reasons why you should pack your bags and move into a house and lot in Cebu.  From the sprawling beaches and boundless career opportunities, spending the first day of the year in this wonderful province is something that you must experience. Here’s your guide to making the best out of your New Year:

Spend the day at Bantayan Island


Last July 2016, Cebu was hailed by a New York City-based magazine, as the 6th best island in the world. According to a reader of Travel + Leisure, “There is never a dull moment in Cebu. The island is perfect for travelers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on recreational activities.”

Bantayan Island, one of the most beautiful islands in Cebu, is an exceptional way to experience the New Year. Upon arrival, you will get struck by its powdery white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Located at the northern tip of Cebu, this picturesque spot is a breath of fresh air. You can either go by air, land or sea. There are direct flights from Manila and other parts of the Philippines to Cebu. The city is also accessible via ferry rides. Cebu can be reached by land thru bus rides going to Central Philippine Nautical Highway via RORO.


Feast on a gastronomic adventure that is Rico’s Lechon

(Facebook / Rico’s Lechon)

Cebu is known as the ‘Lechon Capital of the Philippines.’ Rico’s Lechon is a restaurant that pioneered the spicy flavored lechon throughout Cebu. The spicy hot roasted piece of heaven has been a blockbuster for tourists and residents. Rico’s has been serving delectable dishes around 13 years now.

Aside from the mouthwatering lechon, they also serve some appetizing scallop dishes, sinigang na hipon, beef with broccoli and desserts like mango oreo floats. The restaurant offers only the best Filipino cuisines with a Cebuano twist. It is located along Maria Luisa Road.


Take part in a cultural experience


The annual celebration of Sinulog Festival is in honor of Senyor Sto. Niño. It is a solemn but festive gathering at the same time. People shout “Viva Pit Señor” during the festivity. Pit means ‘sangpit’ which means to call upon while ‘senyor’ refers to the Holy Child Sto. Niño de Cebu. This year’s month-long celebration started from December 1, 2016 and concluded on January 31, 2017.

The Sinulog features a parade and a dance-prayer that expresses devotion to the holy child of Cebu. Those who attend the vibrant festival will witness a colorful cultural encounter of Cebu.

If you’re planning on a staycation in the province and if you’re taking part in the month-long celebration, it might be best to buy that house and lot in Cebu instead.


Witness its rich history


Speaking of house and lots in Cebu, one ancestral house turned museum is another must-see. Casa Gorordo Museum was the home of Juan Gorordo, the first Filipino bishop of Cebu. It was built in the 1850s.

What makes the house special is the display of old relics which reflect the lifestyle of the Filipino people during the Spanish era. Old furniture and paintings add to the museum’s antique vibe. The ancestral house is well-maintained which makes it more appealing.

A walk in the museum is like a journey thru Cebu’s history.

These are the reasons why Cebu is a great place to spend your New Year. t If you want a nonstop experience of everything, you know you have a great place to live in.

6 Nakakaaliw Finds in Liliw, Laguna

If you’re planning to move in a house and lot for sale in Laguna, this may be one of the most significant investments of your life. Laguna is a province situated just two hours away from the southeast of Metro Manila. Aside from being recognized as the “Resort Capital of the Philippines” the illustrious province is also home to Liliw, which is a highland town nestled at the foot of the beautiful Mt. Banahaw.

Here are some of Liliw, Laguna’s other main attractions:

Gat Tayaw Street


Liliw’s enormous shoe industry is the reason why the municipality is dubbed as the “shoe capital” of the Philippines. From trendy slippers to sturdy shoes, the small town has it all for your footwear needs. Aside from its diverse collection of affordable shoes and slippers, Liliw also hosts the annual “Liliw Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival” where shoe stores are adorned with oversized footwear. This colorful event also highlights the parade of floats featuring agricultural and industrial products of Liliw, Katutubong Palaro, Gabi ng Harana, a parade of bird mascots, music and art. The festival is celebrated from the 26th of April to the 1st of May.


St. John the Baptist Church


The old church is a cultural landmark that the municipality boasts of. Its red-bricked façade and baroque architectural style are some of its key characteristics but what makes the church stand out is its ambience. Inside, you will be welcomed with the comfort of the warm rays of the sun which makes it a perfect place for meditation and prayer.  Saint John The Baptist Parish was founded in 1605. Its original structure was badly damaged during a strong earthquake in 1880 and was even partly burned in 1898 but the church proved its resilience.

This church serves as the testament of Liliw’s strong foundation.


Kilangin Falls


This breathtaking wonder of nature is located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw. Some call it Bukal or Maimpis Falls. Its crystal clear waters and crimson-colored rocks are perfect for a summer escapade with your family or friends.  Kilangin Falls lies between the boundary of Liliw and Majayjay. This awe-inspiring tourist spot is one of the must-try natural pools in the Philippines.  It’s no wonder that houses and lots for sale in Laguna are in-demand due to its booming tourism.




Uraro cookies are powdery snacks that are made from arrowroot flour mixed with butter and condensed milk. These are usually designed with floral patterns baked in a pugon fired by coconut husks. Pair them off with a cup of coffee and it’s the perfect combination of a light and yummy merienda.




Inuman has always been a staple to every Filipino celebration. May it be a birthday party, a fiesta, or a simple get-together; there is the presence of wine, beer or coconut vodka (lambanog).

The small municipality of Liliw is the birthplace of some of the best lambanog products in the country. These are produced by fermenting the coconut tree sap and are distilled later on.  You can now exchange stories and jokes with your buddies while drinking lambanog (Just be sure to drink in moderation).


Tree Farm

(Facebook / Tree Farm)

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, the Tree Farm is your go-to. You can have a huge area for your picnic breakfast, a nice, warm bath at the Jacuzzi, scrumptious food choices and a few cardio exercise equipment. It’s a great place to host corporate events, pre-wedding photo shoots, family gatherings or just a summer escapade. The Tree Farm is an 8-hectare farm located at the quaint town of Liliw at Brgy. Bungkol.

This fourth class municipality is bounded on the north-west by Santa Cruz; north-east by Magdalena; on the east by Majayjay; on the west by Nagcarlan and on the south by Dolores, Quezon.  It’s very accessible to the different municipalities of Laguna. It’s also approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes away from the historic Calamba. Who wouldn’t want to buy a house and lot for sale in Laguna with these treasures waiting to be explored?